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Tense revision   arrow

1. -Our goalkeeper______(not play) very well at the moment. -That’s unusual. He’s usually good.
2. -The teacher____(give) us an exam tomorrow. -Are you sure? Isn’t it next week?
3. - Doctor, I’m a bit nervous. -Don’t worry, this _____(not hurt).
4. - How was your weekend? - It was great. This time yesterday I _____(walk) on the beach.
5. –What time_____you____(go) to bed last night? - Not until 2.00!
6. - _______your brother______(have)a girlfriend? -Yes, he does .She’s French.
7. -Last October we _____(go) to Italy. -Really, did you like it?
8. -What_____ you_____(do) when I phoned you? -I was in the shower.
9. -Did you hear about the elections? -Yes, heard it on the news when I ____(drive) home.
10. -My plane is arriving at one o’clock in the afternoon. - Fine, we _____ (meet) you at the aiport.
11. - When____we_____(study) the present perfect? - It’s the next lesson in the book.
12. -How ____they ___(get) home last night? -They _____(take) a taxi.
13. -What ____ you ____(do)? -I’m finishing my homework.
14. -Hi, can you talk now? -Yes, I ______(not work) at the moment.
15. -Who______(write) the music for the Star Wars films? -I have no idea!
16. -Why couldn’t you sleep? -Because the neighbours______(argue) again.
17. -What time ____ he usually ____(get) to work? -About 9.30.
18. –What _____you_____(do) this afternoon? - Nothing .Why? - Do you want to go to the swimming pool?
19. -What ____you___(do)? -I work for a German software company.

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